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 "Love our new panels and our new roof! Best part is the monthly utility savings though, and I really appreciate the excellent customer service Lloyd and his team provided. "

~ L. Harris

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LEED Green Associate

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

United States Green Building Council

License # 999378 and #1016878

Ever Wonder How Solar Electricity Generation Works?

  • The sun shines on a special material that is inside your solar panel
  • This special material causes electrons to flow creating electricity
  • The electricity is in the form of direct-current (DC)
  • DC must be converted to alternating current (AC) since most of the devices in your home run on AC. This conversion is done with an inverter
  • When you need more electricity than you are making from solar panels you get it from the utility and when you make more than you use you give it to the utility. This is called Net-energy-metering (NEM)